I’m a big fan of Restoration Hardware (now RH) and what Gary Friedman did to transform the brand and aesthetic is awe-inspiring. It manages to bring collectible finds from world markets to the masses and never once does it feel mass-produced. There’s a pure synthesis of high design and cultured essence in the showroom and furnishings, easily affording the envisioning of any piece to the imagined environment. Their design vernacular is very succinct and individualized, delivering an established concept and well trained look that is well above the conventional store.

They just opened their biggest store to date in an 1860’s Boston building. Architectural Digest details the process and acquisition of the space here. A grand undertaking that delivers in every detail.

This is definitely on my to-do list for my next visit to Boston!

All images are through Architectural Digest by Kathryn Barnard for Restoration Hardware.